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I just got back from the vet with calf that has labored breathing. Vet said that the laranex has swollen with inflamation. Three days ago he started shots and today he said that I may have to kill him. The vet said that as he gets bigger he will need more oxygen. You can hear the calf struggle to breath but, and I say but, he is eating, nursing the bottle and grazing on grass. I would hate to kill him. Any suggestions. Jim

-- Jim Raymond (, April 27, 2002


Question is why is the larnyx swollen? Injury or undiagnosed illness? I wouldn't kill him until he is no longer getting by, unless he's in pain or acute distress. I believe in giving an animal every chance to make it, as long as they aren't giving up you shouldn't give up on them.

-- Deborah (, April 27, 2002.

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