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Not sure what category to put this in.

Ladies, do you like a beard on your man? What about just a mustache? I've seen very few ment that look good with just a mustache. I love a full beard, and sometimes a nice trimmed one.

How many of you guys have a beard?

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 27, 2002


I'm just the opposite. Definately prefer men clean shaven, but some look good in a mustache. I like very few men in beards, but once in awhile a guy looks really good in one, it just seems to fit their face and personality. :)

-- Lenette (, April 27, 2002.

absolutely definately mustache

-- Rose (, April 27, 2002.

My hubby has had a mustache for 40 years----he shaved it off once & he looked soooooo strange!!!!!!! It wouldn't be him with out his upper lip covered!!

When I met him/ he had a full beard & mustache & his black curly hair was in a fro---& he was on a motorcycle-----in leathers--

Well I was very thin & fit on the sissy seat on his bike----

Now we are both much older-----his hair is white & so is his mustache- --I wouldn't fit on the sissy seat /if he had a motorcycle any more--- -so we put on our helments & we ride a two seater peddle bike!!!

We gave up the leathers also!!! ha! My what age will do for you!!! ha!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 27, 2002.

I love beards. They make a man look so... masculine. :-)

-- Rebekah (, April 27, 2002.

I vote for both. I like guys with their hair a little longer too. My husband has gorgeous auburn hair and like he says, he may as well grow it out a little, other guys are bald at his age! He has a nice mustache, but no longer a beard. His beard is flaming red and it made him look like a Viking. I guess it really depends on the individual man and what looks good on him and what he prefers.

-- vicki in NW OH (, April 27, 2002.

Pogonothrophy envy at its finest!! Mine is about 10 inches long, auburn with bits of grey/white looking a bit like a verrigated shaggy dogs butt. It is split in to two seperate drops due to a torch accident years ago and has been here since 1972 and all this time I thought women were looking at my backside!!?

-- mitch hearn (, April 27, 2002.

I've never grown a beard or mustache but sometimes I let it go for a week or so and look like a high plains drifter. 10 days is about my limit. After that I can't stand the itchiness. I guess after a while that goes away but I don't know if I could last that long. I keep my hair about average length now because it makes life easier but most of the 80s it was down several inches past my shoulders.

-- Dave (, April 27, 2002.

Vicki, I agree with the little bit longer hair, unless it's really curly.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 27, 2002.

I love beards, my husband has had one for almost 30 years and always keeps it trimed nice. But I hate shaggy, unkept beards and mustaches!

-- Karen (, April 27, 2002.

what about a moustache on women?? sexy or not???

-- Stan (, April 27, 2002.

My DH has had a mustache as long as I've known him--24 years. He keeps it trimmed very nicely. I don't mind beards unless they are shaggy, messy or smelly.

-- Ardie/WI (, April 27, 2002.

I think the best way to look at these kinds of things, as in all things that fall into the category of appearance(popular topic here lately), is do what you like and let others live as they please. Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences, whether it's hair, clothes, weight, etc. Styles change from generation to generation and culture to culture, even from area to area here in the US. Always have always will. In some cultures you will not see any man with a beard, but in others or sects like the Amish, all married men grow one.

Everyone is entitled to their preferences of appearance, I definitely have a few of my own. But there really isn't any right and wrong in this or any reason to be offended or hate, which is a strong word I've seen mentioned a time or two in these subjects.

-- Dave (, April 27, 2002.

My wife has never seen me without a beard or mustache.

-- Gary (, April 27, 2002.

Cleanshaven, definitely! I don't like beard-burn!!!

-- Tracy (, April 27, 2002.

Anybody seen Brother Where Art Thou? My husband doesn't need a false beard to look exactly like one of those "Soggy Bottom Boys".. or an older ZZ Top band member...long hair in a pony tail and long beard to match..when he wears his overalls, and slouch hat, the "look" is complete...He spent 30 years In corporate America wearing suits and ties.the last ten years as a CEO in New York, so now he says he will never again visit the will sap his homesteading strength..LOL...Put this together with a 59 year old guy who is 6 foot 6 inches tall and he can look MEAN......We recently had a newspaper article done about us (no arrests, it was about our country store) and the picture of him was outrageous!!!!!!!!! Yup, sometimes breakfast gets caught up in the beard to end all beards, but it brushes out nicely..I wouldn't recognize him without a beard! prior to him being "retired", he used to wear a neatly trimmed beard with a full mustache..I always liked it..this new look takes some getting used to, yet if he likes it, it's good enough for me!!!

-- lesley (, April 27, 2002.

Dave, you are so right. Everyone has their own preferences and it's really no one else's business...except the wife's. VGB

Actually, Cindy's question was what do you prefer on YOUR man. I stated my preference. I could care less what any other man wears, just so long as mine doesn't wear a beard. Which suits my dh fine, as he is also one of those who says a beard itches and drives him crazy after a few days.

-- Lenette (, April 27, 2002.

He sounds like my Dad!! He is about 6ft 8in and I have only seen him once without his full beard and long braided hair. My grandfather hated his long hair and beard and my Dad shaved and had a haircut for his funeral. He used to ride a full dresser Harley and let me tell you, he looked the part, especially when he was dressed all in leather!!!

Cale, on the other hand, has a mustache, but no beard and if he doesn't shave for 3-4 days, he gets grumpy and doesn't realize WHY, until I might mention that he should shave and he will feel better!! LOL, it always works. Once he tried to grow a beard (why, I don't know, something to do with hunting though!) and I thought we might end up divorced he was so irritated and grouchy... We laugh about it now, but I do hope he never gets that idea again!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 27, 2002.

Melissa your Dad sounds like he could be related to my hubby!!! ha!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 27, 2002.

I'm a seasonal beard man. I pretty much use daylight savings time as a guide. October till April I must have fur. Summer months I support Bic.

-- Joel Rosen (, April 28, 2002.

My husband had a beard and mustache all of our married life. Shaved it off once and looked ten years younger! Needless to say I asked him to grow it back ASAP! Definately like beards.

-- Terran in VT (, April 28, 2002.

I've had a beard for 30 years now. The only time I shaved it was when my youngest daughter was about 7 or 8 and wanted to see what I looked like without it. I obliged her. She didn't like me without it and neither did my wife or the other kids. I have left it alone since then.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, April 28, 2002.

I alternated between a full beard and mustache for about 10 years in my twenties. Then one day, I decided to try it clean shaven. I came out of the bathroom and my then three year old daughter screamed, "You don't look like my Daddy anymore!" She'd never seen me without hair on my face, so it took her a long time to get used to it. These days, I have none on my face which matches the very little on my head. And all of the ladies in my life seem to like it that way, so who am I to argue....

-- Fran (on MD's Eastern Shore) (, April 28, 2002.

Hello Cindy,

I had to remain clean shaven for ten years when I worked at Walt Disney World. Melitza and I went of a two week motorcycle trip and I let my beard grow out. After the beginning of the second week I shaped it into a goatee and mustache. Melitza loved it. After, we quit Walt Disney World and moved to the Ozarks I grew it out again into a goatee and mustache. It has been several years now since I grew it and Melitza just loves the way it looks!



-- (, April 28, 2002.

Love go-t's and mustaches.Funny hubby shaved his off when daughter 1 was 2 and she would not talk or look at him.

-- Patty Gamble (, April 28, 2002.

Stan, You slay me!

-- Cindy (, April 28, 2002.

Neil and I went to a "trade day" (Alabama's term for a flea market) this morning before church....not kidding...there was a young woman with a FULL mustache and a beard that grew to at least five inches under her was REAL folks.....I nearly fell out of the chair..the lady i was visitng with told me this young woman often strolls through the market on Sunday morning and appears to be oblivious to the stares coming her way! There is a medical condition called Hirstutism which causes thick coarse facial hair to occur in females, but I have NEVER in my entire life seen a female, dressed like a female, who has the condition and has made zero effort to combat it.I mean she had a dress on and jewelry, and had the most darling little girl with her, and if not for the beard and mustache, she would have been an attractive woman...And I THOUGHT I had seen just about everything..LOL....yeehaw!

-- lesley (, April 28, 2002.

My friend Mike has a full beard with mustache. It covers most of his wrinkles. David is clean cut shaven with short hair. I like them either or.

-- Melinda (, April 29, 2002.

Well, Eric has vitiligo (most famous as the thing that Michael Jackson claims is turning him into a white person) on one side of his face. That means the hair there is completely white, whereas the hair on his head and the other side is black. He wears a short beard, and it is really striking to have it be half black, half- white. People come up to him all the time to say how cool it looks, or to ask how to get that effect. I love a good beard, but some people look pretty weird with or without one. Some faces just seem to need a beard, or to look better clean shaven, IMHO.

-- Sharon in NY (, April 29, 2002.

When I started dating Lance, he had hair that was relatively short on top but longer in the back, and wavy/curly. It was down past his shoulders by an inch or two, and I loved it.

By the time we were married, he had a flattop! Now, he wears it buzzed, and just skips out on the shaving when he is off on a four- day - unless it's hot, and then it itches and he can't stand it. Everyone thinks he's military!

He grew a little patch under his bottom lip a few months ago, and I like it - made him look mean when he wore his sunglasses! Unfortunately, fire dept. made him shave it! They actually have a logical reason for this, their masks won't seal well, and if oxygen escapes them while they are in a fire, the fire will go right into the mask).

I would be like Melitza, Ernest, I like goatees, with or without a little moustache to go with them! Of course, they don't look good on everyone, but it never hurts to try!

-- Christine in OK (, April 29, 2002.

Sharon, I am sorta like your friend, Eric, except my entire beard and mustache is gray and the hair on my head is brown. So I am also "two-toned," but in a different direction. I kept my beard trimmed short, but my mustache is quite long, like Sam Elliot's, except I wax my 'stache to keep it off my lips (mostly) and going to the sides.

-- Cabin Fever (, April 29, 2002.


-- aNDY (, September 22, 2002.

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