Hamlet use religion as a justification for his inaction

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I was just wondering what others takes were on this "Hamlet utilizes relgious allusions and christian beliefs as a justification for his inaction".

Thanks for any answers!!

-- Brieanne Braggs (bkb333@hotmail.com), April 27, 2002


I suppose that's one way of looking at it, but it seems to me to be worded in terms of 20th/21st century cynicism. Hamlet's world is one where religion is very real, God is very real, the afterlife is very real, and what one does in earthly life is very much a preparation for the next. Hamlet IS religious and Christian: he does believe in God and all the Christian baggage, including punishment for sin and damnation. It's not hypothetical for him, it's all part of his reality, and the questions he asks and the fears he has are also very real and serious for him. So he's not using them as a justification in the way of making excuses. But they are a reason for his inaction, and a valid one.

-- catherine england (catherine_england@hotmail.com), April 28, 2002.

I think that there are many reason, not all of them clear to me. But that is definatly one of them

-- crystal (dickinsone@kent-school.edu), October 16, 2002.

I don't think Hamlet uses only his religious beliefs as a justification for his inaction. There are times when Hamlet acts quite quickly, for example, sending rosencrantz and guildestern to their deaths, that took very little procrastination from Hamlet. The only inaction taken is to the point of killing claudius. For this I think not even Hamlet is quite sure why he is not acting quickly. I believe hamlet is very self-conscience which is why he feels inhibited to act. I think Hamlet's lack of action is based more so on his father's orders to "taint not thy mind"......which is what Hamlet is trying to do, he is trying to clear his mind first before he takes any more action against Claudius.....this appears to be a hard thing for Hamlet to do considering his utter distaste for the man.

-- Karen (muttleys_numba1@hotmail.com), August 23, 2003.

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