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This is a great craft and so pretty! You may not have heard of Tea Bag Folding before, but it is very popular in Europe and Asia. This Tea Bag Folding website will give you an overview of the craft and show you some examples. It is very easy to do and very quick. If you give it a try you will love it!

-- Karen (, April 27, 2002


This is a very neat site! I assume she is talking about tea bag envelopes (front only) or paper that size?

-- GT (, April 27, 2002.


-- Karen (, April 27, 2002.

OK, I'm going to start saving the tea bag wrappers. I have a question: some of the wrappers are rectangular, not square. I am guessing they should be squared up,all in the same place, so as to be exactly alike? Some of them are foil type, should these be separated into one layer of paper, or used as they are, double?

-- Rebekah (, April 29, 2002.

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