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I was hoping i'd be able to get free sheet music for stairway to heaven for the flute. If anyone is able to tell me where i can find this, or send me it ( i'd really appreciate it.


-- Liz (, April 27, 2002


Stairway to heaven flute

I'm lookin desperatly for frre sheets for stairway to heaven for the flute... please email me if you can help me. thanks

-- Sunny (, May 20, 2002.

I'm currently working it out by ear. Right now, I have it for clarinet, but I have to transpose it from the key of Bb to the key of C (flute). I will post & e-mail you guyz when I get it all done.

-- Aidian (jeni18, June 02, 2004.

RE: "Response to Stairway to heaven for flute" from Aidian

Can you please send me the music for Stairway to Heaven for Bb Clarinet?

-- Jay-lin (, November 16, 2004.

Yay! Lucky you. I finished. I hope you fellow flute players have fun. As for an FYI, it's not flute, it's organ, so it generates chords, patters, progressions, etc, etc, etc, ALSO, one part, the notes are too low for the flute which makes some of the notes and progressions skewed. So, I just made it very simple for the musically in- experienced and I think it's cool. Have fun!

1.) (starts after the guitar intro on the upper octave) E----A----A--- -DEE 2.) then.... E--F#--AGFE G-C----C----GAA 3.) then E-AGGF#ED-A-C-B-C---DE--D--GAA (finishes at 52 seconds and then Plant starts singing) 4.) A----Ab----G----B----Bb----GAA 5.) E----A----A----DEE 6.) (Really low) C----D----D----C----C D--E--D--(too low for flute) 7.) E-C-B-B-A-G-B-E GA--B--C--D-E---D---GAA 8.) E----A----A----DEE 9.) E----A----A----DEE (-end flute intro/solo-)

It helps to have the song handy so you can time it right.

-- aidian (jeni18, June 03, 2004.

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