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My youngest son (10)is having a birthday party / camping out / sleepover on the 4th of May, with probably 10 kids in attendance. I desperately need some ideas for inexpensive and fun games to play during the party.

-- Harmony (, April 26, 2002


I made up a pirate treasure game once. I had clues hidden all over the yard. The first one was written with lemon juice and they had to heat it up over a match to read it. Disappearing ink trick. Then the next one was written backwards so that they had to read it by looking in a mirror. Then one was written in code and they had to decipher it using the code. Then one of them was a riddle. I forget the rest of the clues...but they were a lot of fun and each one told where to go to find the next one. Then at the end of the hunt I had a treasure chest hidden(box of candies). It was a ton of fun and kept them busy for awhile.

You might also have them make something simple. If you live in the country you can have them make walking sticks or something like that.

Might also have a scavenger hunt. Those are generally pretty fun. Rewards can be a giant cookie or something. Maybe a candy bar for the first one in.

Relays are also fun. Several come to mind. You can have a relay using the serving spoon of water to fill up a small glass. You can also have a three legged race. Sack races. Anything to wear them out thoroughly so that someone will get a little sleep!

Have fun! Hope some of these help.

-- Nan (, April 26, 2002.

Great ideas Nan!!! All that came to my mind was the old water balloon fights and toasting marshmallows. I've been wanting toasted marshmallows.

-- Terri in WV (, April 26, 2002.

I just thought of something else-not a game but when we went to the science center a couple of years ago they had a set up of baking soda mixed with water and food coloring in a big tub and all the kids got a kick out of playing in it. I guess it was the strange texture and the fact that they got to walk around with dyed hands. Anyways, they had great fun with it.

-- Terri in WV (, April 26, 2002.

When I was about that age, the most memorable bday party I attended was one where we played these games: *Kids all stand in a circle facing inwards, holding a full sheet of typing paper behind their backs. At the signal, tear out the shape of a monkey, Behind your back till you're done! When time's up, the judges decision is final (or winner by applause) *Limbo. Remember that? Music helps. *Kids in a circle again, facing inwards, each with a spool of cheap thread. At the whistle, the first one thru unwinding theirs wins a prize. Have fun!

-- IveyNelson (, April 28, 2002.

Another idea.....just thinking as I was sitting here and remembered how much fun the boys had with bean bags. They are easy to make and fun for party favors. I used lentils to fill them because it gives them a nice feel to them. You could make targets and have them aim for the old tire, bucket, etc, kinda like a miniature golf course only with bean bags. Make each boys different so that they can tell them apart. Or put their names on both sides with a permanent marker. Anyway...just an idea. YOu could also use frisbies, small balls, etc... I like the bean bag idea because they can keep them and are cheapo to make.

-- Nan (, May 03, 2002.

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-- capy cal cip (, June 06, 2002.

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