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I'm right about all of this. Now take it apart. :)

1. The attack on NYC proves that this country recovers quickly from man-made catastrophic events. We may not like taking a hit, but we can take it and get over it. Future attacks will have less psychological impact, and the recovery will be even faster.

Grief is virtually impossible to support at all times, therefore the impact of past attacks will fade for everyone not directly affected. Most people were not directly affected by the attacks on OKC or NYC, therefore we'll get over it and get back to business. It's not callous, it's practical.

2. Government response to "terror" is to increase security, and in doing so, making business harder to do effectively. While this is a drag in the short-term, the inconvenience will eventually cause business interests to force a relaxation of enforcement of security rules. The rules may stay on the books for convenient and selective enforcement, but the majority of us will operate as though the rules do not exist.

3. There aren't enough cops to go through everyone's panty drawers without a warrant. Most of us are safe from the intrusion of rogue jbt's. If the jbt's hassle ordinary people enough, they'll slow down their own business with useless details and slow down real business because everyone is overly cautious. Then, see number 2.

4. The war against terror -- whatever that means -- will have to be better defined to have public support if our kids start getting killed in large numbers. If enough of our kids get killed during a time period with few or no attacks on this side, the war will become a political liability. Then we can get back to the serious business of investigating sexual activity in our elected control freaks.

5. Everything will be ok in the long run, even if it isn't ok right now. The best thing to do is have icecream while you wait.

-- helen (stomp@it.good), April 26, 2002


And you call yourself a doomer?!?!

I think we're gonna have to ask you to turn in your membership card.

-- (Doomer@Membership.Committee), April 26, 2002.

Can I do the panty-drawer thing?

-- (, April 26, 2002.

No kicking here helen. The spirit is unbroken and the machine that is us rolls on. What it does cost is big time bucks. Deficits fed, state & local. Bumbling bureaucrats at every level hemorrhaging tax and private dollars fumbling to ward off the beast. Insurance costs soaring as they recoup and cover tomorrow at everyone's expense. They done us a good one but cept for our some 3000 honoured dead it's only money.

-- Carlos (, April 26, 2002.

Most people were not directly affected by the attacks on OKC or NYC, therefore we'll get over it and get back to business. It's not callous, it's practical.

Right, most people were not directly affected. But if and when terror from any source does become commonplace, then we may all be affected, all of the time. Living in a state of constant terror/anarchy is not acceptable for most people. If a man on a white horse promises to deliver us from such a state, he might just get the job even though he smells of demagogery.

It's happened before.

-- (, April 27, 2002.

Lars, that approach isn't working for Israel right now. People get used to the notion that the local mall might be a target. That's what religion is good for -- makes you figure you'll go when it's your time and not before. I like chocolate mint icecream the best...

-- helen (afgan@intervention.whipped.ussr), April 27, 2002.

Give us some anthills to kick Helen. You are just dispensing good common sense advice like Jesse Ventura or Jesse Helms.

-- jordan (, April 27, 2002.

Well, gosh. I tried.

Ok, let's kick this idea around instead: We should get together. Let's go to wherever Lars is. I forget where that is, but there's bound to be an airport somewhere close enough to go see him.

-- helen invites herself to Lars' house (, April 27, 2002.

Jesse Ventura and Jesse Helms ... is that a good thing or a bad thing ...

-- helen reflects... (reflecting@is.hard), April 27, 2002.

A get together has got to be on our calendar helen. I figgured your place cause I just gotta meet Mike. Bee, cappy & me talked bout a motorhome from the nearest fly in place they rent 'em. That way we'd not take up your housing. Up for that Lars?

-- Carlos (, April 27, 2002.

How about some home-made cherry/vanilla ice cream? (I have a good recipe.) Or if you have Blue Bell, I'll take Pecan Pralines and Cream. If you just have vanilla, I'll bring Hershey's syrup. : )

-- Pammy (, April 27, 2002.

Carlos and Helen, thanks for your offer. Helen, for years I not only lived near an airport but I lived on one. I was the site manager at Hangar 18 at Wright-Patt in Dayton OH. It was my job to maintain the Roswell NM alien remains that were secretly kept there and to misdirect any public attention to Hangar 18. When Phil Donahue still lived in Dayton, he was a real pest. I finally hired Marlo to seduce him and that was the best 100K that the CIA ever spent.

I moved to Indianapolis to be near David Letterman's mom. Dorothy broke my heart but I have never left. Fifteen years ago, Indianapolis built an airport. Prior to that, Sopworth Camels landed at the State Fairgrounds.

Whenever a plane lands at Indy International, the Flight Attendant announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, please prepare for landing at Indianapolis Indiana. Set your watches back 100 years for local time".

I would enjoy meeting you guys but I just don't travel anymore. Due to surgical complications, my right ear does not adjust to airplane pressure changes. I wouldn't fly anyhow due to mobility limitations. Too complicated. Likewise, staying over at unfamiliar digs. So it goes.

-- (, April 27, 2002.

Lars place it is! (kidding Lars, kinda, sorta)

So Lars, you should write a book. Would that be fiction, or non? ;o]

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 27, 2002.

I'm not kidding ... let's go to Lars. If Mohammed won't go to the mule, let the mule go to Mohammed... or whatever the saying is...

-- helen (octoberfest@in.indy!), May 01, 2002.

A trailer for Mike behind the motorhome! Seriously, you guys pick it. Will have Irene out on maternity leave till early Aug. Hard for me to do more than say a 3 day till then.

-- Carlos (, May 01, 2002.

On the off chance the mule has a speaking engagement elsewhere ... may I show up alone?

-- helen (, May 01, 2002.

Bring lotsa pictures. Including Grace of course.

-- Carlos (, May 01, 2002.

Ok, Lars, we're coming to your place. When is a good time for you?

-- helen (, May 02, 2002.

Um ... Lars? Lars?

-- helen (packing@the.bags), May 03, 2002.

It had been a silly idea. The little paper sack she had packed for the trip looked shabby. She had packed only what she thought one might need for a three-day tour. An extra pair of socks. The gift for Lars -- the little girl clerk at the novelty store said it was sized for extra-large equipment -- the gift might not fit him, but he would have been pleased that someone had thought it would. A coconut. Pics of the mule kissing celebrities.

Unpacking took only a shake of the bag. She wondered if Dorothy dreamed in technicolor now and then. She decided it didn't matter. She reached for the status icon and stared at it thoughtfully for another moment. Then she hit disconnect and went to see the mule.

-- helen (, May 04, 2002.

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