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Although I know fully how the postings from the scavengers who ask for these lists can be upsetting - may I suggest that nobody responds to them. They are just wind ups from some sick individual/s and not worth your time and consideration. I see we have another one now. What a waste of space they are.


-- Joy Harker (, April 25, 2002


I agree Joy, if we just ignore them they probably won't go away but at least they'll not get the satisfaction of winding anyone up.

Personally I think I'll just email the scavengers privately and suggest they contact The HALIFAX. They sold my 4 bedroom house as a 3 bedroom one at a knock-down price, so maybe that's the sort of super- discounted property these scavengers are after!

But surely The HALIFAX couldn't make that sort of "administrative error" twice - could they?

Still fighting on .................. Tony.

-- Tony Hayter (, April 25, 2002.

response to request for re-po'd property list

Tony, With all due respect all I hear is moaning about the halifax. Why don't you get your butt into gear and try and make a positive impact on this site rather than moan, moan moan!. you never know you might be able to help someone!

-- alan curry (, April 26, 2002.

But surely if you have been repossessed, it is in your best interest if somebody comes along and buys it quickly rather than it stand empty/get vandalised etc. And remember, all the while interest charges are being added to your debt until the place is sold.

I appreciate it must be very upsetting to be repossessed and then to see your home bing sold, sometimes for a lot less than you agree with, but the time for arguing the action of the BS is when they approach you for the shortfall (if they ever do!) and as has been shown on this site, the BS will often agree a settlement figure of a lot less than the shortfall, particularly for those who are on benefits.

-- David J. Button (, April 26, 2002.

Why can't the administrator of this site remove questions that are inappropriate rather than leave them there to wind people up? What purpose does it serve to have these constant questions about where to get hold of re-possessed property details? Come on! show some responsibility! Lots of public forum sites on ISPs delete abusive messages so why can't you?

-- Gordon Bennet (, April 26, 2002.

It takes time to delete messages, this site is maintained (free for us) out of Lee's pocket and I would guess he also has a life! Those messages do p*$# me off I have to say, because I cannot believe anyone would be that thick not to have noticed what this site is all about. It's like posting a birth notice in an obituary column.

-- Too scared to say (, April 26, 2002.

the building societies all contribute through their auction lists as to where properties are. they are under a duty to negate the debt ,but their LAWYERS sell to pay their bills. I have personally been to a general accident auction where the cheapest house was sold for 2500 to clear the books. someone is playing monopoly with our lives.

-- lester blower (, November 28, 2002.

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