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Yesterday my Dad spoke of a dramatic event in his life. He lived in Lovejoy, GA growing up working in the central store. One day, hearing a thunderous noise, he ran out to the dirt street to see that a Central of Ga passenger train had derailed. He recalls that the train was going from Fla. to perhaps North Carolina. He recalls many injuries, more ambulances that he had ever seen, and a rail sticking up 15' into the air through a passenger car laying on its side. My dad is in his 80's now and I would love to locate some account and photos of this mishap... any ideas?

-- T J Williams (, April 25, 2002


There was a wreck in Lovejoy in 1937 when a passenger train hit a truck and derailed. The ICC investigators report can be read and printed at login&site=dot_railroads. Hope this helps.

-- steve riley (, April 25, 2002.

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