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I've asked this question on other forums and asked other people, and I'm either not asking rght or it doesn't exist or it's impossible. I got one close answer but I couldn't connect. I don't want a recipe program with other recipes on it.

Anyway, I was looking for a program to index at least a thousand recipe titles. I do not want to type the recipe out. I'd also like to cross-reference the titles, such as: Chocolate cake, under chocolate and cake, etc. Easily.

My neice suggested a spread sheet, and I tried it, butit's a little bit long doing it that way, I've written out quite a bit of it,I've indexed all my magazine articles that way, but I'd like to know can I make my own program, how, I know nothing about that. Can I put this on a disc? I would need basic hold my hand instructions.

Thanks for your help.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 25, 2002


Cindy, Cannot claim to be a genius in computers (others stuff maybe), but I think I can steer you in the right direction or at least I hope so. It is doubtful that this post will be of any help, but only you will know. guessing that you have a PC (if you have a mac, you can use clarisworks for this) and have word, excel etc. Also guessing that it is not on your computer but on cards. The difficulty would be in the amount to type in. You can use ms word to create a html type document that will allow you to click on items like a web page. My Lotus program suite has templates made to make indexes and such. So does my WordPerfect program, don't use the MS officesuite much though. And you can use the find function to search the reference points you desire. The DBase series and Filemaker Pro can create a database for you as they are database programs. If you want to create a program, (this is the hard part) you will need to get a tutorial on either C++ programing (most book stores have the books and cd program like "c++ for dummies", "teach yourself C++ programming", etc.), or try perl (which is a free program found on the web, do a google search for perl, also they do have "perl for dummies") and learn how to make whatever program you desire. I cannot help you on the programming part as I am trying to learn how to program myself, though due to the need to get the market garden ready (still behind on the tilling) I have put it off. And yes, you can save your inforatioon on disk once you have either put it in some document, program or make your own. Do you know any college students in computer programming? They might be able to help you with your program. They might even have the complier, link libraries and all that other stuff needed to make a computer program. It would be worth a try anyway. Since I am not sure what other solution has handed to you I cannot comment on it, even if you wanted any comments on it. Have a great day.

-- jonathan (, April 27, 2002.

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