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I've asked this question on other forums and asked other people, and I'm either not asking rght or it doesn't exist or it's impossible. I got one close answer but I couldn't connect. I don't want a recipe program with other recipes on it.

Anyway, I was looking for a program to index at least a thousand recipe titles. I do not want to type the recipe out. I'd also like to cross-reference the titles, such as: Chocolate cake, under chocolate and cake, etc. Easily.

My neice suggested a spread sheet, and I tried it, butit's a little bit long doing it that way, I've written out quite a bit of it,I've indexed all my magazine articles that way, but I'd like to know can I make my own program, how, I know nothing about that. Can I put this on a disc? I would need basic hold my hand instructions.

Thanks for your help.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 25, 2002


I use Microsoft Excel for the purpose you are describing. You can label folders at the bottom and also alphabetize the titles, add or delete, put page number. Been a while since I worked on my index list and hesitate to try and explain how to do it, will have to revisit it to refresh my memory, I am PC illiterate.

If I can do it, you sure can. Think Excel is exactly what you are looking for.


-- Marie (, April 25, 2002.

Although Excel would work, I really think what you want is a database program. Your sorting and indexing capabilities is so much more and eaiser to do. You have so many more options on how to set things up. The following are some databases that you can download for free:

Reach-Out Super Lite 2.5 (this is a freeware program)
An actual one for recipes (I think this one is exactly what you are looking for) can be downloaded at:
Recipe Organizer Deluxe. (you can try it for free for 45 days, put it will stop functioning unless you purchase it. Cost is $65; but it has it all and you will save hours if you have to design your own database - read all this has for the money).

-- Karen (, April 25, 2002.

Oh My GOSH !! Thank you both so much. Marie, for asking the question that is so dear to my heart, but never thought to ask here. And to Karen for what looks like a perfect solution. I even got books from the library and tried to make my own database, but certain parts I couldn't figure out and it was just too frustrating. I kept wishing I could just buy one already set up. Thank You THANK YOU. You've made my day. Jill

-- Jill (, April 26, 2002.

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