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I am trying to find out how you go about buying a repossessed property and where you can get a list of them from, does anyone have any ideas? Thank you

-- olivia lowe (, April 25, 2002


repossessed properties

All you people are the same! Is there no love in this world?, Are you trying to upset us?. Having your home taken from you is worse that getting slapped in the face with a trout! imagine how that feels!. Leave us alone and go elsewhere for your list!

-- alan curry (, April 25, 2002.

I suggest that we collectively take a deep breath and IGNORE postings such as this one and the A Noyd. I doubt that these postings are genuine and most likely they are put here by individuals who work for lenders, solicitors, debt collectors etc.. Only a moron could read the information on this site and imagine that the site was set up to help unscrupulous purchasers find cheap property. The other day I received some junk mail through the post purporting to show me how to make a fortune 'investing' in cheap property, among which were numerous examples of repossessions. Olivia is not the only one (assuming she is genuine) looking to profit from the misfortune of others. The real villains in this story however are the lenders who snatch back properties and then re-sell them at below market price. With the housing market at the moment, there is no excuse whatever for properties being undersold. Perhaps we should all put our efforts into lobbying for a change in the law that would make such actions illegal. People will always look for a bargain anyway, so the 'Olivia Lowes' of this world are many. How many of us can honestly say that we would not touch a repossessed property if we were in a position to buy again? I suspect that many of us would find reasons to justify purchase. Like I already said, these postings are put here to upset at worst, and at best are evidence of a very sad individual at the other end.

-- Gordon Bennet (, April 25, 2002.

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