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Until about 3 years ago, I never heard of these critters. I picked up some feed at the feedstore and when I got home discovered it was literally crawling with tiny dark bugs. Not wanting to leave the feed where the livestock could get to it, dh put it in the barn overnight before returning it the next day. Ever since then, we have had almost continuous problems with these pests. (I did take a couple in to the extension office and had them identified by an entomologist, so I'm sure about the identification.)

Reading up on the internet, the pirate bug is considered a "beneficial" insect. (HA!) Apparently for that reason, the experts say not to attempt to eliminate them. I personally think it's because they have no clue how to get rid of them either but don't want to admit it. The bugs are worse in the wetter part of the year (like now) but are somewhat of a problem all year long. They don't seem to bother the animals, or my dh, or anyone but me, but I am covered in massive welts every time I go to the barn, which is at least twice a day. They literally chew me to pieces, and it itches worse than any mosquito bite. I really can't use bug bombs very often in the barn with all the goats, milking area etc. Anyone have ANY suggestions, please? I'm getting desperate.

-- Lenette (, April 24, 2002


Don't know about this bug in particular, but , things like weavels and moths, that get into grains, don't like strong smelling things. Try bay leaves or eucaloptis (not sure of spelling)in the grain storage area.

-- lacyj (, April 24, 2002.

their first choice for food is other bugs, even spiders. if they where in the grain there should have been some kind of caterpillar in there first, I have heard of them biting people but not as bad as they are getting you, ...think, think,.... since they hunt... sticky traps could get some of them, and since they bite you, I would think they bite the goats too, but it sounds like your are allergic to them, try an antihistamine for your bites, if you could build a fly trap styled cage (wire with a cone entrance) and could bait it with caterpillars or june bugs or something like that it could trap even more, a bee smoker comes to mind but I don't know, what effect it would have, and old fumigation stand by, is to burn sulfur in a fire proof pan set on concrete, it gets very hot!!! and it smells bad for awhile but all the long term residual effects are good,...smelly, but not toxic. Soapy water, with oil maybe? Leaves a tacky feeling after it dries, but it should knock them down they breath through holes in their abdomen, plug up the holes they suffocate.

Well, thats all I can think of, good luck !

-- Thumper/inOKC (, April 24, 2002.

Bay leaves should run them. insect repellent on yourself.

-- Robin Downing (, April 25, 2002.

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