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I noticed in the last "The Right Way" that Atlas is doing a CofG SW in "as delivered". Has anyone thought about asking them to do a CofG "as delivered" S-2? They already have the engine. The O Scale SW will be $250 in the cheapest version available (2 rail.) The HO scale S2 would be a much better seller than the one they chose to do. I just hope that if they don't sell many of them they don't use that as an excuse not to do anymore CofG locos. Does anyone in the CGRHS model in O scale or have any Lionel O23 stuff? The 3 rail version has Lionel Railsounds and sounds like it may rival MTH quality. (It unfortunately, is about $100 higher than the 2 rail version. I haven't priced any MTH or Lionel locomotives lately, so it may not be that expensive for that market.)

-- Richard Cole Jr. (, April 24, 2002


Richard, The decision to do the switchers was made by Atlas. They seem to be big into O scale lately with several new products being offered. We did supply them diagrams for paint schemes. There are several members of the CGRHS that have an interest in O scale. Atlas has been very good to the C of G modelers as of late, they recently announced N scale boxcars as well. We need to support Atlas as they continue to produce quality Central models. E-mail them with your suggestions, unlike Life Like, they are willing to produce products for us. Also don't forget Kadee, these guys also understand that Southeastern sells. Todd Horton

-- Todd Horton (, April 26, 2002.

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