200 on rear tyre

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Hi all! would like to know if any one has placed a 200/50zr17 on the back rim? Would it rub the inside of the swingarm? Thanks for any and all advice. Kevin Orlando, fl

-- Kevin Warner (kwarner@documentproduction.com), April 24, 2002


I can't seem to find any rational reason why you'd want to put a 200 on there in the first place... The 190 is probably too wide as it is... Are you installing a turbo or something?

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), April 24, 2002.

I'm going up to Sears point today to put a 180 on the back. You will never ever see a bike that actualy works with a 200 17", a 16 1/2" perhaps. The stock tire already makes the bike feel like it has a flat-tire. Good Luck Sean Crane AMA #69 GP

-- sean crane (raptorsretreat@mindspring.com), May 04, 2002.

180's work better than 190's which would work beter than 200's. I think some people think that wider tires are better but they don't turn nearly as well as the narrow ones.

-- John Mcmahan (jtmcmahan@nwnasalsinus.com), May 21, 2002.

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