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I am a student in mechanical engeenering in France and i am doing an internship which take place by Dassault systemes (Catia software) near Paris. I work on the resistance spot welding theory in order to define the rules of design because i work in the fastener automotive service. I search some informations about the resistance welding. I have to establish the relation between Spot diameter and thickness of the sheets metal, number of parts to assembly and the material (coated or uncoated,mild steel,stainless steel,aluminum...). I need position requirements according to part's geometry and the diameter of weld spot. I don't access easily at such informations and that is why i hope you could answer to my problem. Awaiting your reply, i thanks you very much for your attention.

Yours sincerely, Gwenael Abily. Gwen_abily@Hotmail.com

-- ABILY Gwenael (Gwen_abily@hotmail.com), April 24, 2002


The CMW page has information on this. Start with www.cmwinc.com/index.html and select "welding", then "technical information" then "spot welding schedules" They have them for bare and galvanized, a whole table of thickness and "fused zone" (button) size.

-- David Bacon (dbacon@updatetechnology.com), October 03, 2002.

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