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Buddy Hill and I are collecting information on the SAL's EC line for the Society as well as a future article in Lines South. I am away from my reserach material and have a few questions for the Forum. Thanks in advance for you help and answers! 1) When was CTC installed on the EC? Was it installed in segments or all at once? 2) Does anyone know the exact date the line was cut south of Charleston? 3) Was the SAL's branch from Poston to McBee via Florence part of the EC or the Carolina Division? 4) Does anyone have any interesting stories you'd like to contribute to a future article? If so, please e-mail me directly with your stories at (now until 01 May 02) or (after 01 May 02).

Thanks for you help! John Golden


-- John Golden (, April 23, 2002


John: Based upon the information I have, block signals and CTC were installed on both lines between Hamlet and Savannah in the immediate post-war period and were placed in service in 1950. The installation was for the entire line.

-- Mike Savchak (, April 24, 2002.

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