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I have long used graded papers ( warm tone, Old Portirga ). With the newer papers I would like to try gold toning to try and recreate some of the older Chloro Bromide paper look that the Old Portriga Rapid produced. I still have alot of the old stuff frozen but would like to use some of the newer faster VC fiber papers and would like the input of those who have used the gold toning method in the past.

-- SteveSherman (, April 22, 2002


Nelson Gold Toner has produced beautiful results for me. Available fron Photographer's Formulary.

-- Mark Sampson (, April 23, 2002.

I suppose you know that gold toner works best on papers that are warm to begin with. Thiocyanate-based toners (Ansco 231 or DuPont 6-T) and thiocarbamide-based toners (Gevaert G-417, Clerc's, etc.) produce blue tones on warm papers, whereas Nelson Gold Toner produces purple to brown tones. I have used the thiocyanate toners on many contemporary warm papers with good results, though I don't always prefer the blue tones. I find that I can reduce the amount of gold chloride solution in the toners to prevent the print from toning more than I want. I have used Nelson Gold Toner with very few contemporary papers. I do have an article on Double Toning Prints that might be useful to you.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, April 23, 2002.

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