High- Hood GP AND SD

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Does anyone know of where I might get a hold of some High hood GP-30 GP-38 AND -2 AND SD-40. I am not realy good at scratch building anyting. I know that you can use Atheran shells and the High hood kits from details west. And how carrys the decals for them?

-- Greg (Southern4501@hotmail.com), April 22, 2002


Atlas has done hi-hood GP38's, GP40's, and SD35's. The GPs were done twice, first about 20 years ago, and now in the new Master line. I believe IHC or Con-Cor also offer some hi-hood models. Also, numerous hi-hoods have been made in brass. Decals are available from both Microscale and Champ. The High Hood kits are actually made by Cannon and LBF, not D.W.

-- Marty Flick (Golddenim@insight.rr.com), July 19, 2002.

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