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I have a strange problem whenever I play, it seems I can't get my little finger to relax, especially when I play chords. It seems that the impact of lowering my 4th finger on the key down automatically raises my little one very high as if stimulated! My little finger points upwards everytime I play a chord, trills, etc.. Am I the only one with this unusual problem? This problem doesn't prevent me from playing a piece very well, but it doesn't look very professional. Any insights or advice would be most helpful!

-- Amelia (, April 21, 2002


Hello, Amelia. This problem is very common. I call it the "missile launcher." One thing you might try is pulling your 5th finger up against the fourth and treat them like one finger, as if a rubber band connects the two together. You might also try some simple exercises for relaxing "unused" fingers, like the ones illustrated here on one of my web pages.


-- Jon (, April 21, 2002.

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