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After many years finally found a quick great way to have dining table prepared and ready for the "Sewing Club" meetings every month.

1. Make a white tablecloth with appliqued sewing notions (from printed fabric) to decorate it.

2. Layer table coverings:

a. sewing tablecloth
b. clear plastic tablecloth
c. tablecloth used for family on daily basis
3. Day of meeting, whisk off the top tablecloth and table is ready for sewing or crafts.

Note: for protection of table from general use and to avoid fussing so much at family members for putting hot dishes on table and cold dishes on trivets, I protected the table with the following:

1. fitted sheet over table
2. styrofoam insulation board intended for houses
3. very thin piece plywood to protect styrofoam (it dents easy)
4. sewing table cloth
5. clear plastic
6. regular tablecloth for daily use


-- Marie (rainbarrel55@yahoo.com), April 21, 2002

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