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Hi, Bill! My name is Konstantin Kurganski. I`ve got a weekly program about the most outstanding events in music of the last hundred years at the Radio ROKS in Krasnodar(Russia)(Audience about 3 million of listeners). Now I start a cycle of programs about your works and creation. And there`s a great request to you. If you think it`s acceptably, please, send me an ID like: "Privet! Eto Bill Laswell. Slushaite RADIO ROKS."(Hi! I`m Bill Laswell. You`re listening RADIO ROKS).Please, send it by e-mail. You may record only the English variation, if the russian one is too difficult to pronounce. If this is not very difficult to you, please, do it as fast as you can. Thank you for everything you do. Excuse my impudence...and my English. Best regards. Konstantin. P.S. I think, it`s acceptably to make this small promotional trick for the radiostation that promotes your music. :)

-- Konstantin Kurganski (, April 21, 2002


Hi! I`m Bill Laswell. You`re listening RADIO ROKS!!!

Was that all right?

-- Bill (, June 21, 2002.

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