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I have an MCE controller with the VVC-1 interface to a SWEO 830 DC drive on a geared 350 fpm car. The drive has a suddenly developed a slowness to respond and it is manifested by a very protracted acceleration and a near normal deceleration in the up direction; and a near normal ( though overcurrent LED comes on ) acceleration and retarded decelaration in the down direction with the car slewing through the leveling zone or going into the pit if at the bottom floor. Stepping and slowdown inputs are normal. I have seen a similar problem with an MCE/SWEO on a gearless application and the culprit there was the current feedback sensor atop the SWEO drive. I have replaced that in this case, however, with no effect. The rate gain pot ( which makes the drive more responsive ) has no effect either. Short of swapping out parts, it is difficult on these MCE/SWEO controllers to tell if a problem lies with the SWEO deive or the VVC-1 MCE interface. Any thoughts?

-- Don Davernport (, April 21, 2002


You sound more than capable...start swapping the bits until it works.

-- Keith Witherspoon (, April 25, 2002.

mce/sweo prob

Try amping the power lines going into the drive. If they read matched you are probably ok. if one line reads 0 amps you have a bad igbt or individual firing board or bad connect in between.

or call MCE, their good at that.

Good luck


-- nws (, May 17, 2002.

Problem Solved

I should have gotten back here a few weeks ago , but I forgot that I had posted to this forum. The problem was, as I suspected, with the current feedback sensor in the SWEO drive- my office had sent me out a salvage sensor that was also defective and that had skewed my grasp of the situation. After installing a second CF sensor, the car ran like a champ and hasn't missed a beat since.

-- Don Davenport (, May 25, 2002.

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