easy salad

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1 carton small curd cottage cheese 1 large box orange jello 1 carton coolwhip style topping 1 can drained pineapple 1 can drained mandarine oranges mix dry jello into cottage cheese, stir in rest of ingredients set's up very quickly. you can also use peach jello and peaches, blackberry jello and blackberries, resberry, etc my family likes the peach variation the best. the possibilities are endless.

-- ronda (thejohnsons@localaccess.com), April 20, 2002


You are right! Our favorite is just like the above, but with lime Jello and crushed pineapple. And the grandkids like some mini marshmellows in there. Great! And the kids can make it! LOL LQ

-- Little Quacker (carouselxing@juno.com), April 20, 2002.

This sounds great! I would like to try it raspberry jello and cooked cranberries for the holidays.

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), April 21, 2002.

Thanks Ronda! This recipe looks great, I'll give it a try.

-- cowgirlone in ok (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), April 21, 2002.

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