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When making pickled quail eggs, do you remove the shell (after making them hard boiled) or let the vinegar dissolve them. Also, would wine vinegar give a beter tasting result than using distilled vinegar. On that note, could you dissolve the shell in distilled vinegar and then transfer them to wine vinegar or is this not worth the trouble.

-- BC (, April 20, 2002


BC, I don't know about quail eggs, but when I make pickled eggs I boil, then peel them, place them in the jar and add my brine. I prefer distilled vinegar over the wine vinegar, but you should try making a small batch to see if you like it. Let us know how they turn out! Best wishes.

-- cowgirlone in ok (, April 20, 2002.

Thanks cowgirlone,

The only recipes that I could find seemed to indicate that you let the vinegar dissolve the quail egg shell. Didn't seem right but thought I'd ask before I started. Guess I will start trying different mixtures and see what I can come up with.

Will post my results, hopefully an award winning recipe, or maybe just eatable.

-- BC (, April 20, 2002.

When I get ready to pickle my quail eggs this is how I do it and so far it has worked for me.I get them hard boiled I let them boil for about 20 mins. to 30 mins.And them I cool them down with water and then this will only work if you use a glass bowl put the eggs in a glass bowl and then cover them with vinger and let them sit until the shell becomes like rubber and this makes it easy to shell.Then clean them well with water and use them as you would like.Thanks

-- Glenda A Breaux (, October 20, 2002.

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