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Me and my girlfriend are looking to buy our first house. Unfortunately in my previous marrage alot of debt accurred and as it was all in my name all lenders chased me. I lost my job and could not afford to pay. I have recently found out I have 2 CCJ's which were in 1998. All others have balanced satisfied. (I am paying of a CCJ which will be finished this month). I have a financial adviser who states he can get me a mortgage at 1.5% higher than high street lender but will only get 85% of the total amount of the house. Is it best waiting until the six years are up and go for a normal high street lender or can I take the mortgage now and move it to a high street lender in two years time. Will they let me move as I am concerned regarding back street lenders that i am not aware of.

-- Paul Robertson (, April 19, 2002

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