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Based on the favourable Shutterbug review, I ordered several rolls of Acupan 200 (repackaged Foma T200) to try out. I plan to shoot the film at EI 125 and process in Xtol 1:1 and possibly DD-X. Has anyone used this film/developer combo? I'd really appreciate any insight to using this film.

-- Jon Porter (, April 19, 2002

Answers should have a timetable for Foma and Efke films. I think it is 6 mins @ 20C for undiluted Xtol. So I guess I used around 9 mins for 1:1, haven't printed the pictures yet. Did you check ? I buy this film per 30 m in Praha/Prague because it is very cheap, but nevertheless a good film. I would rather use Xtol than DD-X.



-- Wolfram Kollig (, April 23, 2002.

The Massive Development Chart recommends 8.5' at 68 degrees for Xtol at 1:2 with Acupan 200. I found that's too long unless you're shooting around E.I. 250. I exposed the film at ASA 125 and cut the time back to 7' and got excellent results. Prints look similar to Plus-X to me. Major drawback to the film is that it has half-frame numbering. This might have been appropriate 30 years ago, but today that's a pretty useless practice.

-- Jon Porter (, April 29, 2002.

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