"Chow-Chow" Recipe

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(a green tomato relish)

1 gallon green tomatoes
2 lb. cabbage (green)
1 stalk (bunch) celery
1 lb. onion
6 green bell peppers
1 quart sugar
1 t. allspice
vinegar to cover

Grind and mix vegetables. Let stand over night in salty water. Drain for 1 hour. Put sugar, spice and vinegar into vegetables and simmer for 1 hour. Note: 1. Use a food grinder or food processor to make fine particles but not mush.

2. Use a crock, stainless steel or glass container for soaking. Need something that will not leach metal into food.

3. Use clean nylon stockings as container for draining vegetables. Place broom across two step stools on either side of sink and tie stocking over the sink to drain. Hang more than one depending on how much you are making.

4. I prefer red apple cider vinegar, 5%.

5. Remove seeds from bell peppers, cut into pieces.

6. Slice cabbage 1/4" wide and then cross slice several times before putting into grinder or food processor.

7. Celery must be chopped by hand real fine instead of using food grinder. If using food processor slice celery before chopping in processor.

8. Salty water is strong enough to almost float an egg, o.k. if uncooked egg in shell is few inches below surface of water but not at bottom.

9. Can make by omitting salt water soak for low sodium diet but will not be as good. This will keep only 6 months at most. Keep watch on it.

10. Wash, rinse, scald pint or quart jars. Wash, rinse, lids, place in very hot water close to time to seal in jars. Makes the rubber on lids seal better. Have jars/lids ready near end of cooking time of veggies.

11. Fill jars up to 1/8" from top. Wipe top edge clean before putting lid on. A spot of anything will prevent lid from sealing good.

12. When finished putting lid on, turn jar upside down on wire racks of something that can stand the heat, not counter top unless you place a thick towel or two.

13. Do not move jars until cooled for 12 hrs.

14. Wash outside of jars and dry.

15. Label jars with name and date.

16. Chow-Chow is delicious served on pinto beans. Great relish for other things too.

17. Flavor is better after 3 months. Can use before if desired.

This makes approximately 13 pints.

-- Marie (rainbarrel55@yahoo.com), April 18, 2002

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