"Five Cup Salad" Recipe

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1 c. madarin oranges
1 c. minature marshmallows
1 c. coconut
1 c. pineapple, crushed

1 c. sour cream

-- Marie (rainbarrel55@yahoo.com), April 18, 2002


This is even better without the coconut. My grandpa used to make this for us when we were kids, he alwys made me some wihtout the coconut, nice memory.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (atilrthehony_1@yahoo.com), April 19, 2002.

I slice a couple of bananas, sprinkle them with lemon juice, and add them, too. yummy. I'm going to try it without the coconut. Its my least favorite part, anyway.

-- Gayle in KY (gayleannesmith@yahoo.com), April 20, 2002.

Almost forgot, I add maraschino cherries, too. We are going to end up with a whole new salad pretty soon, aren't we?

-- Gayle in KY (gayleannesmith@yahoo.com), April 20, 2002.

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