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My mother-in-law put a big scratch mark on my grand piano, which has black glossy finished. I would like to know if there's a way to remove it. And also what is the best way to clean the surfaces. I have two little ones and little finger prints are all over.

-- Leung (, April 18, 2002


I recently purchased a lovely used Yamaha grand. When I first saw it, it had an ugly quite large scratch on the lid as though a big pot had sat there and scratched it. I decided the quality of the piano for such a great price was more important and decided to buy it anyway. When I went back to finalize the deal, the scratch was gone-- completely. The piano looks brand new. It is glossy black. I bought it at American Piano Wholesalers in Deland, FL. The phone number is 386 734-8400. I believe the owner is gone right now but perhaps if you call in about 3 weeks he would be able to put you in touch with whoever did the work on mine to find out the details of how it was polished out. Or perhaps whoever is tending shop knows the refinisher too.


-- Flo Arnold (, April 18, 2002.

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