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I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer me any advice on my earlier posting about am I being unfairly treated? I think that I am being victimised and would welcome any thoughts. Thankyou, Tommy

-- Tommy (, April 18, 2002


I think the question you are asking is beside the point. If you read many of the stories on this site you will see that a lot of people get into mortgage shortfall claim problems after the breakdown of a relationship. As far as I can see, the mortgage lender is going to go after the easiest target. You say your ex has had a 1000 payment accepted, but are you certain that your lender has stopped there? Perhaps she is still being chased for the claim as you are. I am still unsure how best to go about achieving closure with my own lender, since I have resisted filling in I&E forms up to now. You don't say if you have followed the general advice on repossessions filed on this site ie asking your lender to detail the make up of their claim, checking to see if your property was sold for a fair price etc.. Several people have just posted success stories with the Halifax, but you don't indicate who your lender is. I am hoping that we can get some feedback on how they managed to negotiate which may help us generally in knowing when to make an offer / give income details. I suspect your best bet is to establish with your lender how they justify their claim, and ask them why they are pursuing you for the whole amount rather than half I personally would agree to settle if I can get the claim down to a reasonable amount of say 10-20% of the sum being sought.

Perhaps you need to stop feeling victimised by the relative good fortune of your ex and try to resolve the matter with your lender by using the tactics suggested on this site.

Good luck anyway, we all need that

-- Gordon Bennet (, April 18, 2002.

...or you could take a tip from your ex - find a rich spouse, then divorce and gain a windfall to set you up for life. All the stars do it ;-)

-- Melody (, April 19, 2002.

If only things were that simple !

Please also accept my apologies for the incorrect email address it should be and not com.


-- Tommy (, April 19, 2002.

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