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Daren, I tried to post a recipe using your instructions with the
code. It kept the ingredients where I wanted them, but the
was still on the recipe when it was posted. I don't see that happening to other people, so what did I do wrong? I don't post recipes because of this, and sometimes I'd like to share. Thanks

-- Jill (, April 18, 2002


People will probably be wondering why this post looks so out of whack with the post all broken up on differant lines. It is because Jill was trying to show me what HTML code she used that she is referring to. She had been using the <br> code. That code is like hitting the enter key to force your text to the next line (see: How To Post Your Recipe). The problem is that whenever you use the < > brackets, it makes it invisible when you actually post. You can see it here now because I use an special HTML code that makes it visible for this example.

Ok, on to your question, Jill. You did it right in the above post (it doesn't show up) so I am not sure why it would be showing up on your recipe post. Please let me know which post you are referring to and I will go in an see what you did wrong. You did perfect here!

If anyone else is having problems with posting, just let me know. I will be glad to help you!

-- Karen (, April 18, 2002.

Well, I'll be darned !! The recipe I posted was on a different forum, so maybe they have a different system ? Sorry I spelled your name wrong to, now I really feel dumb !! At least I won't be afraid to post here, now. Thanks

-- Jill (, April 19, 2002.

Not to worry, Jill. We are just very glad to have you here and will look forward to your input.

Almost every forum works differantly. Some have more advanced software that has been pre-programed to "know" what you are trying to type in.

-- Karen (, April 19, 2002.

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