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The last of my fainting goats kidded this afternoon-- two darling black and whites. My husband named them Archie and Edith. (All goats are named after sitcom characters.) This brings us up to six babies--4 girls, 2 boys. I'm still waiting for the older babies to start the fainting routine. The little silkie hen has finally hatched one chick from her assortment of chicken and guinea eggs. The kittens are somewhere still hidden in the barn. And the killdeers are making their presence known in the pasture. How could I ever live anywhere else???

Of course, I didn't win the Big Game $325 million last night or my husband might be urging me to examine the options...Wish everyone else could see the miracles of spring up close and personal...

-- Debbie in S IL (, April 17, 2002


Aren't the babies fun? My goat kids are all weaned now, but the first broody has hatched nine precious little chicks:) Last goat will kid in June(I think:)

ps I guess you know that the guinea eggs will take about a week longer to hatch than the chicken eggs.

-- mary (, April 18, 2002.

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