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Hi, I am just wondering if my splash silkie is show quality because it has some redish colored feathers on it? thanks

-- Heather DesRochers (hdesrochers@yahoo.com), April 17, 2002


I am about to ask a dumb question I am sure but what is a Splash Silkie? I have black and white.

-- corky wolf (corkywolf@hotmail.com), April 17, 2002.

Heather, there is an "Exhibition Forum" at The Poultry Connection, They can answer your question. www.poultryconnection.com. Silkies are cute aren't they? There are bantam silkie ducks too and they are adorable! Man oh man, spring hits and I'm yearning for some different breeds, like I don't have enough to feed! LOL Have fun, LQ

-- Little Quacker (carouselxing@juno.com), April 17, 2002.

This is slightly off topic but I have to tell this story because it is so funny, and it is true.

A girlfriend of mine had an abundance of black silkie banties and she wanted to sell them. She wrote an ad and put it in the local paper. Well, the paper made a typo and the ad read: For Sale Black Silkie Panties and then told the people to call if they were interested. Well time went by and she finally got a call; it was her father. They both almost died! Ever since then she and I always joke about getting a pair of black silkie banties!

Thanks, Susan

-- Susan in MN (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), April 17, 2002.

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