What to do with pearled barley??

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Today at the new Mennonite (sp) grocery I recieved a pound of pearled barley as a gift. How do I prepare it? I remember a soup from childhood call beef and barley. Do I wash it, soak it? Cook it in water seperate and add later?

-- mitch hearn (moopups@cutlink.net), April 17, 2002


You can either cook it separately or throw it into soups (takes about as long to cook as long grain or brown rice, so don't throw it in at the last minute). I like barley--pleasant change from rice.

-- GT (nospam@nospam.com), April 17, 2002.

I throw it into soups and meatloafs and such, instead or in addition to rice,, gives a "nutty" flavor

-- Stan (sopal@net-pert.com), April 17, 2002.

Barley is one of my favorite things! I use it stews and soups and also as a side dish like rice but cooked in beef broth or boullion. It has kind of a nutty rice taste. It is like rice..don't wash it. How much broth to cook it in depends on the size of the barley. Barley comes in many sizes. Just be sure and use at least as much water as you do for rice and if you have too much water you just drain it off.

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), April 17, 2002.

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