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I am moving to KL in July and am debating whether or not to bring 1 or both of my bikes. The definite bring is my trusty old (no springs anywhere) Trek 950 which is set up for touring but, with a quick change of tires, is fine for single track. The maybe is my fully suspended Raleigh which I have finally dialed in to about as perfect as it can be. Is it worth it to pay the extra charges to bring both bikes and does anyone know what those extra charges might be? And no, I won't even consider leaving the Trek behind. It and my ass have been thru too much together.

-- David Loveland (, April 17, 2002



From the UK? Well, one point to consider is that bikes are generally half the price here. And Shimano components are cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Probably. Most Britons who live in Malaysia go back with several spanking new bikes.

Extra charges for bikes will depend on the airline. You'll need to contact the airline, but make sure that you enquire about all the connecting flights as well, because domestic regulations might apply.

A rigid bike is fine for most if not all the rides in Malaysia. If for any reason you find yourself antsing for a full-sus rig, maybe you can pick up a Santa Cruz Superlight while you are here.


-- Joe Adnan (, April 17, 2002.

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