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my rain soft softner is not working the lighten numbers on the panel went out we have changed the fuse I checked the power to it and it will not work. I pushed all of the buttons and it will not work I have called all of the nubers in my book and i can't get a hold of antone casn you help please. Mr. Martin

-- Ralph Martin (, April 17, 2002


You said, "I checked the power to it and it will not work." You might want to fix the power problem before proceeding with any other work.

-- Joe (, April 17, 2002.

Hi; I do not have a answer to your question but if you do not get the answer that you are looking for here is a link to a huge group of people that will have suggestions. Home repair link


-- ourfarm (, April 17, 2002.

Not exactly an answer to your question but here's an interesting web site that explains lots of things.

-- Charleen in WNY (, April 17, 2002.

Use REAL rain water instead. No cost. No salt. No electricity. No power company. No bills to pay. No plumbing to keep up. No chemicals. No appliances to break down. No bull. Best wishes,

-- Susan in Michigan (, April 18, 2002.

Susan, we don't know what his consumption is, and from the question, we'll assume he isn't as back to the land as we are. He needs help that he can't get from the numbers on his water softener and apparently isn't net savy enough to do a search on the net for his brand. Can anyone help that isn't dead tired, gotta make a 16 hour trip to Oklahoma City tomorrow and knows the brand of his water softener? If we can help this questioner with his problem he might pay attention to our posts and learn a new way.

-- Dennis Enyart (, April 18, 2002.

Susan, take that rainwater to an environmental testing lab and you'll likely find it has just as many if not more chemicals/contaminants as in your groundwater. It might not be no-cost to you in the end if you're drinking it.

It doesn't matter how far in the backwoods you are either. Polluted air is everywhere.

Idealism is nice but reality is what we have to live with.

-- Dave (, April 18, 2002.

not to mention that alot of people live in areas where there's not enough rainwater to survive on. Where I'm at now we routinely get no rain at all from May to August and sometimes longer. We've gotten less than an inch of rain the past few months.

Ralph, see if you can find the manual/handbook for it somewhere around where it's installed, it might help determine what the problem is. You might have a reset button on there somewhere.

-- Dave (, April 18, 2002.

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