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Yesterday, I saw a Senna in an Illinois dealership. It had just arrived and was being uncrated. Beautiful machine. Some lucky guy from New Jersey is the lucky owner.

-- John Haas (, April 17, 2002



-- dave (, April 19, 2002.

I picked up my Senna last week from MCC of Chicago. It is a gorgeous machine... though not nearly as fast as my GSXR 1000.

-- John McMahan (, April 23, 2002.

I receive my Senna in two weeks. I have held off on researching various after market goodies until now. Are there any nice pipes for the F4, preferably black that would match the Senna nicely. How does it sound stock? Maybe I don't need them... Ok, so now I'm getting excited, I've only been waiting 3 friggin' years for the damn thing!


-- Christopher (, April 24, 2002.

And where are the pictures?

-- Carlos (, May 03, 2002.

John, it is great you have an F4 Senna, but why would you compare it to your GSXR 1000? Your F4 Senna has a 750cc engine, and you compare it to the hottest 1000cc inline 4???!!!! The only thing from Italy bike wise to compare with your GSXR 1000 is a new Ducati 998R even though it is a V-twin. The F4 Senna is fast, but it is meant to be more of a gorgeous sex appeal ride, not a true race machine.

Duane '02 Ducati S4 Foggy

-- Bo (, May 05, 2002.

I didn't mean to put the Senna down... it's just that I only have the GSX R100 and a Feuling W3 to compare. It just that the difference in acceleration is so drastic when compared with either bike. I rode a Maaco 501 motocross bike long ago and it accelerates faster. I hope that it will feel better once it breaks in and I can extend the rpm range. I think the torque range is more toward the upper rpms. It is a beautiful machine... it gets lots of attention where ever I ride.

John McMahan

John McMahan

-- John McMahan (, May 17, 2002.

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