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Where would you go if you were looking for a entertaining evening of Dwile Flonking?

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002


Some reason, that just screams,Australia?

-- Rosalie (Dee) in IN (, April 17, 2002.

It sounds like Scotland to me.

-- Melinda (, April 17, 2002.

To my knowledge the Austrailians have too much class to be involved, but it does happen in a country that speaks English.~

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002.

I'd go to a pub in England.

-- Gayle in KY (, April 17, 2002.

How about Wales!!!?

-- Susan in MN (, April 17, 2002.

Gayle, have you gone there and done that? It is an English pub game simular to "Dodge ball" with an inner and outer circles of people with the "ball" being a rag soaked in beer, points are scored by what body part the ball strikes, apparently the British do not allways keep the stiff upper lip.

New question: Where do you find a pair of liripipe without useing a search engine?

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002.

Isnt that an English pub drinking game?

-- Gary in Ohio (, April 17, 2002.

hanging off of two hoods

-- Melinda (, April 17, 2002.

Actually one hood, liripipe are the pointed bottoms of a hood's sideflaps.

New question: What famous advertising icon uses the ratio of 55 units long, 18 units wide, and 25 units high?

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002.


-- Joel Rosen (, April 17, 2002.

Actually the "units" are hot dogs.~

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002.

the weinermobile?

-- Stan (, April 17, 2002.

Correct Stan, its the Oscar Meyer weinermobil and there are 7 of them crusing America.

-- mitch hearn (, April 17, 2002.

I haven't been there, Mitch. I just couldn't wait for an answer. I was too curious, so I did a search. I know its cheating, but at least you know you get folks to wondering.

-- Gayle in KY (, April 18, 2002.

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