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Currently living in Australia and am a qualified lift mechanic with a few years under my belt...thinking of going to england to work and was just interested to no ne thing i need to from the guys over there such as ...does my qualifications count?.wots the pay like?...are there jobs?..also if ne body no's aboout the same things but for the rest of europe...i have enquired about a working visa and they have already said that it wont b a problem. ne help would be appreciated...thanxs.

-- shane (, April 17, 2002


Wouldn't it make your day if someone wrote in and said they have lots of 12 pulses over there....

Oh, and GC's....


-- Justin Ward (, April 18, 2002.

You might find it easier to get work in England if you gave some consideration to literacy. I certainly wouldn't employ anybody as illiterate as you.

-- Keith witherspoon (, April 25, 2002.

response to response

Keith, All bosses are different. Yours for example puts up with a lack of diplomacy. It is possible you are a boss/owner and save it for the customers.

-- Fred Baltes (, May 09, 2002.

internet slang

i was asking for advice about working in england..if i wanted to no about my litracy i would of wrote to u personally, as i didnt i would appreciate an answer to my question...i dont need sum bored out of their mind person being a smart the way...i use slang to write on da get with the times man...if u no about working in england let me no....other wise dont waste mine or ur time toss. ciao.

-- shane (, April 26, 2002.

Still keeping the teeth sharp in the B2 room eh shane?

-- Justin Ward (, April 28, 2002.

neva mind d cleva 1's who fink they no it all, if u r comin to the uk e-mail me with a brief overview of equipment you have worked on and the field you perform in best ie. repairs/call-backs/service, we run a medium up and coming company in manchester and are always looking for good people to join us.

-- gary kennedy (, May 10, 2002.

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