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Only a matter of time before the Chubby Chief sets guidelines on his followers regarding prayer requests. This dummy named IMRIK is being kicked out of his house by the wife, has no transportation, and is asking for the FatOlsonLandites to please pray for him.

Can a donation fund be far behind?

-- FatOlsonLand (home@2.fools), April 15, 2002



Oh Imrik honeybun, that be so sad. Ya'll kin stay with me ifn yer not predgadissed agin mimmen whats got no tooths.

-- (Effie@Butcher.Holler), April 15, 2002.

All he needs is a copy of Yourdon's new book and a rusty hubcap and he'll be fine...

-- Dennis Molson (, April 16, 2002.

I'll bet you are registered there and have made near 2,000 posts.

How close am I? ;)

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 16, 2002.

Poor cin...after all this time...still a pathetic doom lover...

-- Norm (, April 17, 2002.

cin, you are assuming he can figure out how to register. I doubt he is able to post over there, but he obviously visits at least once a day.

-- bogsworth (running@on.8cylinders), April 19, 2002.

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