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I have been unemployed due to lay off for several months now and have been trying to figure out how to keep my F4. I just cannot keep it sadly but will get another one someday when things turn around. My wife and son come first so I need to get rid of it quickly and will sell it for $12.5. It is a 2000 model and is bone stock and perfect. It has about 5.5K mi on it give or take a few. I bought it from Fay Myers' Motorcycle World in Denver, CO. I live in Ft. Worth, TX. Insured shipping is very easy for about $400-450 anywhere in the U.S. through Allied Van Lines. I can have it coming your way in 2 days. Bikes just like mine have sold on Ebay recently for $16K or more but I need to move it pretty quick. Please email me at t22_7@msn.com if you have any questions at all. I can easily photograph it and email images to anyone who will help me get this painful ordeal overwith. Thanks, Sean Edwards

-- Sean Edwards (t22_7@msn.com), April 15, 2002


Do you still have the bike? And can you send me some pictures? I am very interested!!!

-- Jane Crutchfield (skyresq1@aol.com), April 20, 2002.

Yes I do still have the bike. I fired it up yesterday to keep the battery fresh and the oil circulated and noticed that it had only 5.2K miles on it and not more than 5.5K like I'd posted before. I'll try to take some digital pictures of it tomorrow and get them on the way to your email address. I rode the bike around the block a couple of times and realized how much I will miss it when it does sell. I just hope to be in a better postion within a few years and get another one. Thanks, Sean Edwards

-- Sean Edwards (t22_7@msn.com), April 20, 2002.

I know how you must feel. I am a flight nurse and have flown in the Agusta helicopter....It is a wonderful machine and I know the history of the bike. I have been waiting for so long to get one and I am turning 40...so this is going to be my present to myself!!!! I understand that family must come first...and you will get another bike!! Jane

-- Jane Crutchfield (skyresq1@aol.com), April 21, 2002.

The bike was sold and by the way:

A word of advice to anyone considering buying an MV: unless you have thoroughly test ridden the F4 and you are sure you still want it I would suggest looking elsewhere for a bike. I was totally unsatisfied with the performance and felt largely disappointed with the entire package. It may handle well but an average Katana 600 would smoke it...the power felt very flat and the idea of spending thousands of dollars more for exhaust systems and chips and whatever else seemed ridiculous for a bike that already cost a fortune. Sure its detuned for EPA rules but the average Honda or Suzuki have no problem being ferocious right out of the box...and don't give that Italian Passion Bullcrap. The MV is a total bore. Sean Edwards I don't mean to be ugly about things..I just wish someone had told me this before I threw my money away on it.

-- Sean Edwards (t22_7@msn.com), April 26, 2002.

then why was it such a good bike before you sold it? Trying to stick some sucker with a tale of woe? So if you are embellishing, how can we trust anything you say. Adios.

-- Roy G. Biv (landshark58@yahoo.com), April 27, 2002.

Belive me, you do what you have to when unloading an expensive dud like the MV. The part about the loss of employment and needing the money for my family was true. The part about wanting to get another one in the future depends on Cagiva's ability to build an F5 1000cc bike that is exciting to ride and not just exciting to look at. I wish them the best of luck...I've been in the motorcycle industry for 11 years and have seen many bikes never make it past the prototype stage. I didn't unload it on some poor sucker either. A local Aprilia dealer offered me a brand new 2002 Mille, exhaust system, and rearsets for the MV and I couldn't pass it up. The sensible part of my brain telling me I needed the money shut down when I test rode a Mille. When "Itallian Passion" AND performance come together it is a beautiful thing.

-- Sean Edwards (t22_7@msn.com), April 29, 2002.

U sound like a cock head to me

-- Cazzo Duro (cazzoduro@hotmail.com), May 05, 2002.

The thing about unemployment most certianly sounds true because when biz slows down company unload bull shitting losers.Tim

-- Tim Mulloy (tmmulloy@earthlink.net), May 06, 2002.

Not to mention that is makes everyone suspicious of anyone selling a bike on these forums. What an a$$hole.

I have an MV F4S that I am trying to sell for financial reasons. But I wouldn't care to lie about myself and my bike to sell it.

Maybe this guy was a used car salesman and got laid off?

-- Jriga (jriga@mac.com), May 10, 2002.

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