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I spent the weekend in the greater Chicago area. We stayed in Bolingbrook on the west side of the city. By the time we arrived Friday it was late enough we just unpacked and stayed in. Saturday we went into the city and spent the day wandering around Rush Street (a/k/a 'The Magnificent Mile'), Michigan Ave. and Lakeshore Drive. The weather was wonderful. It made for a nice time just looking at all the people out and about and seeing the various little stores off the main drag there.

I guess I've been spoiled living where I do as I was shocked at the prices in stores there. Chicago's cost of living is about 55% higher than here and it was sure evident there on Rush Street. I didn't buy anything there but lunch. ;o)

Speaking of eating, we went out to a very nice restaurant that evening in Bolingbrook and the food was outstanding. We went with filets and they were so tender you didn't need a steak knife. Again, though, I was well aware I wasn't home when the check came. Even in a suburb, dinner for two with no drinks was $80 with tip. I'm sure the same quality meal in an equally nice place in the city would have been over $100.

Sunday we got a later check out time and took advantage of the hotel pool (we'd already used the hot tub there Saturday). After that we lounged around a bit and took our time packing up before going out to a late lunch. We had perfect weather for the drive home. All in all we had a really nice time. We even stopped for a desert drink about an hour from home just to extend our weekend getaway a little longer. ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (, April 15, 2002


Gary, I am truley sorry this old cruel worlds circumstances made you pay for food this one time!!!!!!

-- mitch hearn (, April 15, 2002.

Mitch, today is definitely the day for me to be paying, too. Yes, I'm one of those April 15 filers. ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (, April 15, 2002.

Gary!!! Filing on the 15th!!!!!! I don't think I will even talk to you for a while!!! Ha, Ha!! Everybody around here who waits until the 15th has to pay me double. So I have most all of them trained!! Glad you had a nice weekend!!!!!

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, April 15, 2002.

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