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Hi. I was given a brownie 2A today, but when I unlock the two metal clips the front moves forward only about 1 cm. Is there another clip inside or something? Where can I get a manual for this, looks so much fun.


-- Lee Gilbert (, April 15, 2002


Lee, if I'm not mistaken you still have to pull out the winding key (or knob) on the side of the camera. Turn it anticlockwise while pulling and it will slide out. This disengages the key/knob from the inner film cone and you'll then be able to pull the front off. Good luck and have fun!

-- Pete Lutz (, April 16, 2002.

Oh, and as far as manuals go, you can download the manual from Chuck Baker's home page - just click on the icon called "Manuals..."

-- Pete Lutz (, April 16, 2002.

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