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Never made it outside but found this site also thought I'd share


wishing you all enough Jacque

-- Jacque (, April 15, 2002


I had to stop and help my hubby with the garden, and wanted to get back to you. I don"t think your to late with homestead,Golly it won"t be long before all those chickens will be laying, and ready to eat. We had a old hand dug well when I grew up, Watch out for mice who fall in. We never got sick on the water, You have your fruit tree's in, I planted lots of fruit tree's down here, But we are so damp and hot, only the figs, and persimmons are doing well. Did you plant berrys? Are you way out from a big city? I watch the Israel mess all the time, But I also like prophecy, If we are in the end times as so many people think, Then all any of us can do is stand back and watch. Worrying will only make you sick, I rather think when the rubber hits the road, there will be still enough spunk left in the American people to stand up, and say enough, we are not going to give up our freedoms. So Jacque you just go out in that garden, and enjoy yourself. Come back to forum and chat about how you feel any time. Man I have been depressed and they sure did come to my rescue. Love you

-- Irene texas (, April 15, 2002.

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