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Hello Irene your post about Israel using nuclear really got me upset but thank you for posting it. I told my husband and we already feel so much unrest on the war and governments and people (Spiritual unrest and discontent) in our world although we're trying like heck to go about our own lives and live peacably as I'm sure all of us are here on this website. Anyway We just bought this house and done alot of work on it although we have alot more to do The cellar needs fixing yet and planning on big garden just planted fruit trees yesturday. Seems we got started on all this a bit too late uh. Ordered chickens today 130 of the buggers. I've always wanted to live out in the country. We have our own well drilled one and a hand dug one with a bucket and hoist. : ) Which my mom thinks is terrible. Anyway I've found some sites that thought might be of interest to some of you.

I havn't read them all yet (it depresses me so much) Sure wish I had your religious faith seemed to have lost mine long ago never could get baptized anyway since I smoke tried to quit but... I'm rambling on Sorry anyway sure wish someone could explain all this to me I can't understand why we all can't just get along. Have a good day and wishing you enough I need to go outside and play in the dirt (depressed again) Jacque

-- Jacque (, April 15, 2002


Jacque, I had to respond to your post. DON'T LET SMOKING KEEP YOU FROM SALVATION! If you have been in a church that believes you can't be saved if you smoke, find another one! Christians are not perfect and we all still sin. Only God is perfect and Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. I go to church with a lot of people who smoke. I believe they are just as saved as I am! I don't think smoking is healthy but neither is eating at Mickey Dees or a lot of other things I know Christians do!

-- anonomyous (, April 15, 2002.

Thank you for the sites, I will take a look at them. Now Jacque, Please don"t be depressed, I never intended that to be when I posted that about Israel. As far as being a christian, You don"t have to worry about smokeing, or even going to church. When Jesus died on that cross, he set you free. You don"t have to earn your salvation. All you need to do is except what Jesus did for you. And believe that he is the son of God, born of a virgin, Died on the cross for you and arose from the grave and is at the right hand of God, Thats it. Nothing else. And when who ever decides to start a nuclear war, why worry, you will be going to a far better place than here. I only put that on forum, so that we as Christians, can be prepared, For what ever will happen. I am stocked and have lots of animal food put away incase our transportation is shut down. I would like to say more, but I have got to go, Hubby waiting on me, May the good Lord Bless you

-- Irene texas (, April 15, 2002.

And Jacque . . . speaking as an ex-smoker. . .

Don't be too hard on yourself; quitting the habit is hard, but you can do it, IF YOU JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO DO IT.

I smoked for over 18 years, about half a pack a day. I made my mind up to quit because of the impending birth of our first child (didn't want to risk the newborn contracting asthma). Once I made my mind to quit, the rest worked fine. Still miss it occasionlly, but haven't and won't go back.

A friend of mine quit when she did the math on how much moeny she spent of cigarettes. Once she multiplied it to get yearly cost, she quit cold turkey.

You can do it Jacque, just make your mind to quit. I hope this helps you.

-- j.r. guerra in s. tx. (, April 15, 2002.

Jacque, my husband has 7 1/2 weeks not smoking. He's been saved over 10 years and sings contemporary Christian music at churches and other events around this area. He quit for 3 months once before. Smoking is no worse of a sin than overeating, gossiping, drinking etc. The consequences are different but it's still sin. We're all on a walk after we're saved. We ask Him for forgiveness and put our trust in Him. You come to God as you are, you cannot get yourself good enough, He wants you as you are and He'll help you change, in His time. And His time is all that matters no matter what the world says. He knows what you're ready for and He has a plan. Do you know the song Just As I Am?

Just as I am, poor wretched Blind
Sight, riches, healing of the mind
Yeah, all I need in Him, I find
Oh, Lamb of God, I come, I come.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, April 15, 2002.


On April 17th 1982 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior!!!!! I was not raised in a Christain home!!! Some times we warmed the pew in a church --but not one that preached about the Bible & Salvation!!! As there is a difference in how some churches preach & believe! And I didn't realize that!!

I could do my life history---but I was not raised in a careing home--- as my Mother had a lot of mential problems---& I spent most of my life in the pastures on horse back or the barn yard helping my Dad/ or anywhere my Mother wasn't!!

I was married young to get away from home----had a daughter in that 10 year marriage----but still had not had anyone tell me about Jesus!!!

I remarried & the man I married didn't come from a Christain home either!! We both smoked & drank--etc/etc/---were not the perfect family----which we still aren't---

But ---we had two men come & visit our home one night & invite us to church---to a Baptist Church in that area--(which I don't care what a church as over the door---but now---I do care if they preach the Bible & salvation).

Well we went to that church the next Sunday morning---a pastor by the name of Pope was the pastor in that church----plain/careing/outspoken man---with a southern accent----

I liked what he had to say that morning----& as we were leaveing the church---he said /hope ya all can come back to church tonight!!

Well we did----& the Pope (the pastor----) was preaching & I felt he was talking just to me----

He was telling me all about Jesus!!!!! He was telling me Jesus loved ME--PLAIN /OLD/ SIMPLE/ ME----THAT HAD BEEN BEAT UP & KICKED AROUND ALL MY LIFE!!!!

He told me Jesus died FOR ME----& FOR MY SINS!!!!!! This man who didn't know me/ died for me----so I could live forever--have ever lasting life!!!!!

He said /if you want Jesus to come & live in your heart & be the Lord & Savior of your life------come down here with me & we will pray & for forgivness /for your sins & ask Jesus to come into your heart!!!!

Well I'm soooooooooo glad no one stepped out in front of me----in that walk way to the front of the church----as I might have not seen them & ran over them!!! I could not get down there quick enough to pray & meet this guy Jesus & make him owner of my life/ make him my Savior---my buddie my best friend---!!!

Jacque------I can't believe I lived the years I did & no one told me about Jesus --in the way this pastor did!!!

Honey---my life is totally different----not saying it is a pud---or anything----BUT I ALWAYS HAVE JESUS---NOTHING CAN TAKE HIM & HIS LOVE AWAY FROM ME!!!!


And most of all Jesus knows everything about me & still loves me---!!! My Mother could never love me---no one else in my family knew how to love me--or express it----BUT JESUS LOVES ME!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!! Even when I screw it up big time----Jesus is always there for me!!!

You don't have to go to a church to pray & ask for forgivness for your sins---like I did/ & ask Jesus into you heart--------as Jesus has used me to tell others who were like me & had never heard all those great things about Jesus before---& we have prayed together & they have gotten to know the Jesus/ I know & Jesus is now liveing in their hearts!!!!

Jacque-----I'm praying you get to know the Jesus I know--& who is the Lord & Savior of my life---

He is way cool & the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life!!!!!

Jacque---- I love you-----but you know what----until I got to know Jesus----I didn't know what real love was----& I might have cared about you before-----but I would not have prayed for you & cryed for you & loved you the way I do now---as it is Jesus /who lives in me---- cause I'm not really a nice person---it is Jesus in me----

This week April 17th----I will have known Jesus for 20 years!! MY ONLY REGET IS/ WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS GUY JESUS /I KNOW NOW & WHO LIVES IN MY HEART /A LONG TIME AGO!!!!?????

I don't know if anyone told you/ about Jesus---so you felt like it was meant just for you or not---but I hope I just did!!!!


-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 15, 2002.

If we all stayed away from Jesus because we sinned, than we would all be still going straight to hell in that proverbial basket. If YOU believe smoking cigarettes is a sin, I guess it try to quit..if somebody else told you so, then forget it...evrybody sins every single day they are breathing in and out..we just try not to..that's it in a nutshell..A bunch of ex-inmates who used to use heroin came to a drug rehab here in AL and were told that if they continued to smoke, they were going to hell...come ON...they got so depressed, one of them tried to kill himself, thinking that kicking heroin was hard enough, but cigaretts too??? He wasn't sure he could be "perfect' enough for release....nobody can ever be perfect enough..ever,,no matter WHAT you do or don't do..that's what is so cool about GOd..He loves us in spite of US....sit down and have a chat with God and ask HIM what the deal is,,He'll tell you to come on board, warts and all with the rest of us..anybody who tells you you have to be perfect or have to be anything, is on the wrong railroad..God bless you..have that chat with the Almighty..He'll never set you wrong. God bless.

-- lesley (, April 15, 2002.

Hey Sonda: Was the name of your pastor Johnny Pope? If so, we went to the same Bible school years and years ago. Just curious :) Thanks! Your testimony was a blessing!

-- Marie in Central WA (, April 15, 2002.

Well I praise God for all I heard from in private e-mail-----

I give God all the Glory & honor------

I have/ had a great chance to tell many about my Jesus----that the pastor with the southern accent told me about!

I'm only an e-mail a way--if anyone else wants to hear about the Jesus who is the Lord of my life & who is always there for me---

The pastor that God used to lead me /to His Son /Jesus Christ -his name is Ed Pope---not Jonnie------

Ed is now involved in the missions---side & is no longier preaching--- but God has used "the Pope"--ha---- to lead many to His /Son /Jesus!!!! Praise God I was one of them!!!!

Love to you all---I was so thrilled to be able to share Jesus with those by e-mail--- I'm always here----just e-mail me!! Sonda

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 16, 2002.

Thank you for your response it did make me feel better hubby says Jacque you can't do anything anyway why worry. No I can't but I'd like to be aware of whats going on. Bible prop. depends on what you've been taught.. guess I studied too many different religions but I can't beleive that in todays times with men running them that they can tell you the whole truth. Seems to be a business now days. Can't seem to feel that God one that has so much love to give us his son and this world with all its great things could punish us with eternal hell. I know that many will disagree with me on this. can't argue though since like I said been years since I cracked the bible myself. Also like one said I'm really not a nice person, I'm like that myself since I'd rather be with animals then with people. But I can't stand to see and hear of someone being hurt in anyway. Sunday seems like a fashion show and I never did like dressing up. I can remember long ago a few friends and I would have bible study together at our homes and it was great. Those friends and I have moved away and moved on now. rebellious thing arn't I. I studied one religion and couldn't get baptized so quit years later studied another one and couldn't for the same reason. Plus they beleived in things I couldn't really agree with on personal matters that I felt had nothing to do with the bible, so quit that too. Since then been drifting along.

I planted apple trees and peach trees got in Arbor Foundation mailings the other day and planning on getting some Bing Cherry and Pear also one Plum tree. Like I said I've always wanted to live in the country and finally made it here in a long about way. We live about 10 to 15 miles from town but from there several towns melted together. So we drive about 30 miles to get to work. My Husband and I work together in a factory and the boys work in another town in another factory. Their 18 and 19 really are good boys not angels mind you but their still good boys.

I do miss some religious teachings and its nice to hear again all the things that you all told me, you tend to forget when you've been away. Maybe I try to make religion too hard or something ??

We had the well tested but they said it was bad ecoli so we'll just use it for the animals and gardening. The drilled well they said was bad too but not ecoli but something easle but use it on all other uses since it's plumed to the house cept drinking and cooking we haul that water.

I love it here and really like this site too THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR THOUGHTS YOU REALLY DID MAKE ME FEEL BETTER

wishing you all enough

-- Jacque (, April 16, 2002.

Dear Jacque---- Just read your last post----& you have the right to believe anyway you want-------but so do I -- & I believe with all my being /if anyone does not accept Jesus Christ as the Lord & Savior of their life /they will burn in hell. That is just how I believe!

Now I want you to know that this old fat lady in Kansas is praying for you---cause if you are wrong & I am right ----eternal hell is a long time!!! If you are right & I am wrong it sure didn't hurt me/ to tell people about the love of my Jesus & all He has done to change my life & what a difference Jesus has made in my daily life & attitude--& way of thinking & a difference in everything I do/ everyday-----let alone eternal life!!

I am also praying for family members to know Jesus---strangers --& neighbors & friends--not cause I'm any better than those---but God has given me that ability to talk to Him & pray through His Son Jesus Christ!

Now I am just a common old fat lady ----who likes animals--& probably have too many---loves to garden---go fishing----all those things /that also help us all/ who come to this forum/ to have a common bond---our homesteading type way of life----etc/etc/---

But also /what is very important to me--is if I need help in any way-- --if with my chickens-garden--etc/etc/etc/--or if I need encouragement---or if I need prayer----there are people here who care & many who believe the same way I do! I have met/ many that I don't mind in any way--e-mailing & asking to pray about something for myself or my family!!

Just want you to know/ many of those same people will also be praying for you----cause we care about you -----& that is how WE believe--- And since many of us believe in Salvation--etc/etc/etc/etc/-we will be praying for you----

And just in case we are right----we pray you will come to know the Jesus we know----not the religion some---seem to be useing--to not know Jesus!

My nick name use to be "Olive Oil" cause I was soooooooo thin up until 5 years ago---then I went through the change & the pounds just seemed to stick!! I'm very/ very active---& many have said my goodness---I can't imagine any weight being able to stick to you as active as you are-----Well just think /if I wasn't as active as I am how big I might be!!! ha!!

I have had people say to me /well you say you love Jesus & all He has done for you in your life---but you sure aren't perfect----& you make mistakes all the time---All I can say is/ think what I WOULD BE LIKE IF I DIDN'T HAVE JESUS!!!! ha!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, April 17, 2002.

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