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-- Anonymous, April 15, 2002


If the item I just read is factual, congratulations are in order . It appears that Jelle will make his Belgium-1 debut in a friendly v. Algeria to be played shortly.

-- Anonymous, January 16, 2003

I know Jelle personal and he 's a very good footballer and is going to make it!!!!!! I hope that one day he 's going to play for one of the biggest clubs of the world but he says that he wants to play with siebe (little brother and friend of me!) in lokeren!!!!

Lokerenarmy 4-ever

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2002 reports that Jelle Van Damme will be sidelined for about two weeks, due to a fractured toe. He sustained this injury in Young Belgium's (U21) game against Young Scotland, which Belgium won, 2-0. Van Damme played the first half, after which he was subbed due to the pain in his foot. It turned out that the toe-bone was broken.

That sucks. Two left backs (Van Damme and O'Brien) in the sickbay... Seems like Maxwell will have to play there for a few games, like he did against NEC. Nigel de Jong is not an option. He's a central defender or a right back, but he's uncomfortable on the left. If we want a true defender on that position in Valencia, Bergdølmo could be the man, with Chivu and De Jong in the center.

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2002

Finally Jelle van Damme is going to play in the Champions League. And that's about time.He's going to be one of the biggest players for ajax in the future along with Walker(the possible replacement for Chivu) and Wesley Schneider (the possible replacement for Raphael van der Vaart).Bottom Line is: JELLE VAN DAMME RULEZZZ BIG TIME

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2002


Jelle Van Damme will have to miss a significant part of Ajax' pre- season campaign. The Belgian defender is due in his country on 15 July, to join them to the European Championship for U19 national teams in Norway. Belgium is in a group with hosts Norway, Ireland and Germany.

For your information: Young Oranje failed to qualify (yeah, it was a great year for Holland...). In the Belgian national team, Van Damme usually plays as a left midfielder, rather than as a defender.

Young Belgium play Ireland on 22 July, Young England on 24 July and Young Germany on 26 July. That's what the Ajax Netwerk says, which is strange, cos in the first paragraph it says that they're in a group with Norway, not with England. Ajax Netwerk credits Ajax.nlas its source, but I can't find the report there.

Whatever. Van Damme will be gone for a weeks, that's the bottom line.

-- Anonymous, July 04, 2002

Just to follow on Menno's post of 5/24 on this thread, is today reporting mission accomplished on Jelle van Damme's new contract. My Dutch sucks but it looks like three years. Never a bad thing to sign a very talented, tall,young, good in the air, and multi-positional defender.On the last point, I remember him subbing for Chivu away at Sparta and ,if my pea-sized brain is right, playing left back in a Jong Ajax match I saw.

-- Anonymous, May 29, 2002

He's a great player! I didn't saw him that much at the games, but I saw him a lott at the training sessions. And Rafael v/d Vaart has to look out, because Jelle has a great chance to grow as a talent. Good luck to Jelle! I wish him all the best at ajax.

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2002

On AT5 TV yesterday: Jelle Van Damma will be offered a contract to join the Ajax-1 selection for next season. A good choice! I really like him. He's very tall and strong, but also fast and skilled. Seems a perfect defender!

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2002

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