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I have a three-wheeler that kind of "came with" a building I bought and would like to offer it to anyone who would want it. It has wide turf type tires on it and is red in color. I believe it to be a Honda, but wouldn't swear to it. I've now told you all I know about it. ;o) I'm in Fort Wayne, IN if anyone thinks it's worth the drive to pick it up (or the LTL freight cost to ship it). Otherwise it's probably going to end up in a dumpster as I don't want or need the thing.

-- Gary in Indiana (, April 14, 2002


Hi Gary, I would like to have it and I could pick it up on June 12th when I am up that way on business. That sure is a generous offer !

-- Joel Rosen (, April 15, 2002.

Joel, it's yours! I'm emailing you my phone number so you can contact me when the date gets nearer. If you let me know where you'll be in my area I'll include directions. I'm only five minutes from from exit 109-B on I-69 and only two minutes from either US 30 or US 33 so it should be a fairly quick and simple detour for you.

-- Gary in Indiana (, April 15, 2002.

Thank you very much, Gary. I will contact you this weekend as I am working some odd hours and it is hard to make Long Distance calls from my plant. I will also write you at your private e-mail. And--Many Thanks again !

-- Joel Rosen (, April 15, 2002.

I am interested in it if you still hve it. I would like to have more information please

-- Aaron (, September 05, 2002.

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