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I'm wondering when the current Yemassee SC ACL depot was built. I overnighted at a nearby motel and had the pleasure of witnessing the northbound Meteor stop there Friday night. Is Amtrak still trying to eliminate it as a stop? There was quite a good size crowd of passengers waiting to board. Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (, April 14, 2002


Bob, according to my Dad, Marion V. Stevens, who worked for the SAL for 45 years and grew up in Yemasse, the original depot was moved on flat cars 1/4 mile South of the new depot during the construction period. The new ACL depot was built between 1948 - 1949. He said the ACL used the old depot during the construction period, and when the new depot was completed the old one was torn down. He said he remembers the C&WC had a local that ran from Yemasse to Beaufort, Paris Island, and Fort Royal. He said that the C&WC engines were turned on a wye that was located there.

-- Carey Stevens (, April 24, 2002.

I don't have an exact date but its safe to assume that it was during the mid to late 1950s - it has the look of other ACL depots constructed during that time frame (ex. N. Charleston, SC).

-- Buddy Hill (, April 15, 2002.

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