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O.K., I knew that would get your attention, now type in and hit the go button.

-- mitch hearn (, April 14, 2002


dont want to

-- Stan (, April 14, 2002.

I've visited that site many times and I just love it!

-- Ardie/WI (, April 14, 2002.

Ah, come on Stan, go for it. We're going to get you into crafting yet..LOL!

Don't know how I missed this site. It's a great one!

-- Karen (, April 14, 2002.

Stan, you crack me up! You are so contrary! You must be about 100 yrs. old??? Currently I take care of older people for a living and I wish my patient now were as funny as you.

-- Jill (, April 14, 2002.


Dont let em talk you into it.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, April 14, 2002.

Oh mi gosh!! Forgot to add that I was just kidding about the age and contrary thing. Don't want to start any bashing threads. LOL.

-- Jill (, April 14, 2002.

Thank-you Mitch for reminding me about this site. I haven't visited it for awhile. It is a great site!

-- Jo in Pa (, April 15, 2002.

Hey Stan! They even have a section on there with FREE STUFF! I know that you love free stuff! And Stan is only, what are you now Stan....30 something? I think 33 or 34??????? He is a tad ornery, but just a PUP! A very funny Pup!

-- Nan (, April 15, 2002.

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